Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do when you want to consign something?

– Call us and make an appointment. If you have something small to consign (china, glass), we would ask you to bring it in for evaluation. If you have something larger (couch, dining room suite etc.) we would ask to see a picture and need the approximate dimensions – either email them or bring them by. Most people have a phone that will just do fine for capturing the appropriate facts. We can also make an appointment to meet where the items are located i.e. in case of a whole estate or a large number of items.

What kind of items do we take?

– Basically any home furnishings or decorating pieces as long as they are in good condition and sellable.  

What do we not take?

– Upholstered items that have tears, holes in the fabric, or come from a smoker’s home.

– Appliances, TV’s and other electronics.

– Items that need larger repair or complete refinishing.

Who determines the sales price?

– We determine the sales price with the consignor. We have a good idea of how things sell, you might have an idea of how much you paid for it or what you would like for it.

What is our commission?

– We split the final sales price 55 – 45, 55% for the consignor, 45% for us.

Do you have to deliver items to be consigned?

– We expect consignments to be brought in to us, however, we can arrange for pick ups for a reasonable fee.